RE: Two Tiered Internet

> Since the model is based around cash, there is no perception
> except you pay, you get priority.
> Someone has to pay for the Internet. The users aren't.

  hum... then what am i getting for my monthly 4000+
  bills from telcos and ISPs for "data services" and
  "internet transit" services?

You don't get priority. :slight_smile:


but do i get "the Internet"? ... your claim is that
  i am not paying for it. my bills indicate that i -am-
  paying for it. (regardless of priority... after all, the
  Internet is "best-effort" ... and w/ QoS, i don't get that
  anymore... i get the choice to buy crap instead of best effort...)
  Best effort is the top-tier of the QoS/priority pyramid... as
  sad as that is.

  and as others have cleverly pointed out, what i really
  am buying is full employment for the AP departments of
  telco/isps. :slight_smile: