RE: Traffic Shapping


Can you please specify what platform that you are using? any why
you like to do the traffic shaping on the Ethernet which is
suppositly 10 Mbps?

He may well want to shape on an ethernet where he has multiple
customer machines that are each paying for different amounts of bandwidth.

Shaping a-la cisco is uni-directional out on an interface, and so
poorly answers many needs.

Supposedly the newer mechanisms they offer address all this and scale to
insane bandwidths without eating all your CPU.

You want to look at cisco's CEF and related tools. For now it is
on the higher end boxes with the 7200 being the lowest, I think.

CEF should migrate downward to the 4700 and maybe the 36xx at least.

Be warned that CEF may not be ready for prime time as yet. Good
luck finding a TAC guy that knows about it...

Do not try it on a 720x if you have any frame relay, as CSCdj87169
*will* bite you very hard.

CEF *is* in the 11.1(17)CC image, and with that above bug still unresolved,
I doubt there is any relief in 11.1(18)CC due out in a few days.

Now that the geeks stuff is becoming more mainstream as CC images and the CC
images are publicly and prominently being promoted on CCO, more folks
will be playing with the new knobs.