RE: Thoughts On Cheap Chinese xDSL Testers

The local ILEC (Verizon) use Colt 250+. They are pretty cool. They do not do layer 3 like the meter you referenced.
I'm actually looking for a cost-effective meter that does ADSL+ / VDSL2 / e.SHDSL. it's easy to find one that does the first two, but not all three.

The Westel A90-750045-07 Frontier branded DSL router has some amazing DSL
status screens if you dig in the menu deep enough. I always kept one in
the truck when I was doing some service work. Check the local
Goodwill/Value Village.

There are some downsides with the Colt-250+ units (as I have one almost
daily to do installs for a CLEC).

1. The Colts require 4 high amperage AA batteries. I used to purchase
Duracell Ultra batteries which worked, but life span was a couple of weeks
to maybe a month and now I cannot seem to find them in stores. I now use
Lithium batteries and they seem to last a few months now.
2. They will only sync up for 100 Seconds max. Not helpful when you're
trying to diagnose a flapping circuit.
3. They won't stay sync'd up on circuits with Occam DSLAMs. They randomly
drop after a few seconds. Not a condition of the circuit. Some type of
incompatibility with Occams.
4. As others said, not a Layer 3 or 2 (I think).
5. Does not provide any additional details like Far end errors, Near end
Errors, FEC/HEC, etc.

On the plus side:
1. They boot up really quick, as quick as you can press 2 buttons you can
start a test. (my understanding is Sunrise units take a couple of minutes
to bootup)
2. Relatively lightweight.
3. Can use regular 6p4c line cords in case you lose the nice
Angled-Bed-of-Nails/6p4c test cable it comes with (like I accidentally did).
4. Can be purchased for cheap on eBay. I got mine years ago for less than