RE: The season: CHRISTMAS

Merry Christmas to all

and hope all had a reknewing ramhadan with family. and others a warm


and hope all had a renewing ramadan with family. and others a warm

aside from the usual sad knee-jerk intolerant racist,

  two friends reminded me of kwanzaa, of which i know embarrassingly little,
  so see <;

  and queen lucy reminded me that today is the winter (for northerners)
  solstice holiday for pagans and hippies


Hey, what about "Yule" ?


Randy Bush wrote:

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And a happy festivus to all, although the "airing of greevances"
should take place off list.

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You want operational content? You got it!

On the Twelth Day of Christmas
My network gave to me:
Twelve kiddies scripting
Eleven users spamming
Ten trojans listening
Nine routers crashing
Eight worms still probing
Seven servers DOSing
Six switches freezing
Five flapping routes
Four calling NOCs
Three bad hubs
Two fiber cuts
And a virus on my brand new XP

Enjoy your holiday, whatever it is.

Good one, Scott!

Mele Kalikimaka to All

  Here's some real operational content: how are y'all dealing
  with skeleton staffing during the holiday season? Spammers
  and script kiddies know you'll be understaffed too....

I for one have just bought a fresh bucket of sand and some new

Seriously.. I traded babysitting the NOC for Christmas for
some prime vacation time this summer and other considerations.
So far it's been fairly quiet, except for an incredible
amount of spam traffic attempts. Merry Christmas Ya'll!