re: the original thirteen NSFNET regionals

>Does anyone remember the NSF-sponsored regional networks? Can you fix
>this table--this is off the top of my head so I am missing a few networks.

Does NSI (NASA Science Internet) qualify as one of those? Yeah, it was
1989 when it started (Hi Milo!), but ... :slight_smile:

Name Region NOC was or is at Now

BARRnet Bay Area Stanford? Berkeley? BBN WR
                                   ^SU then E. Bayshore Rd., Palo Alto

The "NOC" (cough) was in Pine Hall at Stanford next to long-timer Ron Roberts
office. After the BBN buyout, NOC duties were officially given to BBN
Cambridge, somewhat bypassing the E. Bayshore/Palo Alto NOC office. The
western region NOC was supposed to open up (under the capable hands of Chris
Tsuboi, now with @Home), but time factors never gave Chris the chance
before his departure from BBN-WR. All calls went to Cambridge and were
referred to Chris as needed. The NOC office is/was still there
as a showcase to visitors in the large conference room.

And ...

Network Contact in 1990, where are they now?



Paul Baer was part of the original BARRNet admin staff when William "Bill"
Yundt got the ball rolling. Paul came over to BBN after the buyout
on a consultant basis, but I don't know if he has stayed on at this
present day. Bill Yundt also came over to the BBN side, then went onward
with Web TV Networks.

John Rugo was running NEARNet when he was asked to run BARRNet after
the buyout. After a 2-3 year stint in that position, he went on to
be on the senior management team at Cisco in their then new ISP group.

The only people left from the original BARRNet at BBN-WR is Vince Fuller
and Bill Yundt's admin, Nora Lundin.


SURAnet South East US Washington DC BBN SER
          (Maryland Suburbs)

Technecal contact was Erick Sherk I beleve, last I heard he was at UUnet.

James Lang, Former SURAnet NOC monkey and member of the BBN Smarties
Ticket team :wink: