RE: The Cidr Report

Am I misreading the report? That doesn't look like a list of
clueless people.

Just because another RIR does something doesn't mean we
should automatically assume ARIN should too. This is a
different area with different dynamics.

Regardless, you could always propose this to ARIN instead of
NANOG. :slight_smile:


Based on the experience with the CIDR Police project
(, you can encourge operators to
aggregate. My observation during that time was that operators:

-> Didn't know they had a problem.
-> Didn't know how to set up an aggregation policy
-> Had no one paying attention to the advertisements
-> Never had time to deal with the problem.

Usually, nudging, encouragement, and clue helped. Having the NANOG Tutorials
on-line helped - since we use them as on-line learning tools to tactfully
clue-in people.

Perhaps it is time for a new crew to get together to form a new CIDR Police
team? Every week would get people from the CIDR Police knocking on the doors
of their peers offering their help and asstance to enhance their
aggregation. Hank and I are occupied with another project, but I'm sure we
can brain dump to any who would like to build this new team.

My $.02,