RE: Telco discussions

I'm seeing that also. I've been using ADC/Kentrox T-1 CSUs lately and they

come out of the box set for D4/AMI ... go figure ...

This is because most vendors still believes that T1 circuits are provision
as D4/AMI..:slight_smile: Digital Link Encore csu/dsu by default has it setup as

Case-in-point: How many of you tried to figure out why the arrow keys
only worked 50% of the time when you used a telnet session to configure
a Digital Link Encore DSU / Ensemble shelf? And do you know what Digital
Link did as a work around (ans: use the "U" and "D" keys for up/down).

Believe it or not I was the person who made Digital Link come up with the
"U" and "D" keys ( don't forget the "L" and "R" for left and right keys).
I had meetings with their Engineers to come up with this solution since
we had problems telnetting to the csu/dsu through the Terminal Server due
to very poor delay response using the arrow keys. It would take at least
5/6 strokes on one arrow key just to toggle it up/down or left/right.
This still applies on the 3800 Digital Link Imuxes.