RE: Statements against

Yes it does, but unlike the land grab for interesting
domain names, people worry less about having an
interesting IP address, especially if they know it
will be portable.


I don't think the issue of portability is separate from that of
interesting names or addresses. One of the useful aspects of DNS
is that it is portable. If you renumber ("move") then you have
DNS (translation table) reflect your new address. And in the
interim, you have a temporary forward (borrowing the old IPs
until DNS propagation gets the new IPs into circulation all over).
As was indicated, the problem with this is that there's no
system to ensure that the forward is temporary.

If an IP<->IP translation system is implemented, this means that
a scalable method for updating everyone's tables must be devised.
What would stop people from caching translation tables the way
they cache DNS?