RE: Statements against

Cube B23, 871 Fox Lane, San Jose, California, USA, North-Western Quadrisphere, Earth, 3rd planet of Sol, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe.

I just hierarchally described my work location. Assertion (2) given at least one counter-example, assumed to be false until either restated or counter-example disproven.

Assertion (1) assumed true.

How do multiple roots assist #1? When I can type ‘’ and, depending on the root zone that I’m using, believe either ICANN’s idea of or my personal root’s delegation of the zone?

Your assertion about ICQ: ICQ provides a lookup function, and the only UIN that I used on my ICQ list was my own to get it installed. Are you suggesting that instead of DNS zones, we should instead use an LDAP directory (or something similar) to look up what we’re searching for?

I think the idea of ‘chosen’ domain names is a stupid concept, in any case – though I do admit I -like- the mnemonic convenience of my email address at home.

I think it’s more likely that the DNS has probably scaled to the point that it needs to be examined to be replaced.

-Mat Butler