RE: Stability of the Internet?

Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 10:40 AM

> Agreed, much of it does. I am proposing to get IETF out of
the policy
> business and in into the PSO business it is now chartered for.

  True. And it should also get out of the operations biz,
  but that is another kettle of fish.

The problem there is that there is no place for operations discussions,
AFAICT. This may be an oversight on part of the ICANN conceptual framework.
Most of the rest of us assumed (yeah, I know) that the IETF would handle
that. Agreed, this may be in error. But, it is an error without a solution.

Ignoring operations issues is not an option, IMHO. For the sake of
expediency, IETF should continue to deal with operations issues until such
time as ICANN organization can be modified to handle the new org.
Considering the outstanding (higher priority) issues wrt @LArge and
/DNSO/IDNHC, this could take some time (years) and operational issues need
to continue to be discussed now. In short, it doesn't have another home,
let's keep it fostered, under IETF, until such time as it gets a home.