RE: Spyware becomes increasingly malicious

Michael Painter wrote:
You're can be a sob to remove. CWShredder
has worked well for me.

First thing I tried after Ad-aware and Spybot, no go :frowning:
In some cases, the only way out of it is HiJackthis
(Slot Online - RTP Situs Slot Online Indonesia, Judi Online Terbaik #1) which unfortunately
requires a somehow skilled tech and lots of time, with no guarantee.

I ruled it out for financial reasons: eventually a skilled tech will
indeed be able to clean the machine, but the bottom line is not
favorable in a mid-size or large corporate environment: it takes a lot
less time and money to send a grease monkey reload the machine and send
L2 tech to put back user settings. Not elegant nor smart, but works.