RE: Sprint Depeering Timeframe


I am trying to help a small ISP/cable operator in south Texas with VOIP
customers. They are having VOIP problems and have been for about three to
four weeks.

A traceroute from the end users location reveals that their ATAs traverse
Sprint's network on their way to the hosted VOIP provider. Working with
providers at both ends provides reveals a willingness to point fingers at
the IXC providers (Sprint and Level 3) Sprint and Level 3 have examined
traceroutes and they have are satisfied that their networks aren't to blame.

I'm looking for a smoking gun and the Sprint depeering could fit the crime
if the timeline works out. When did Sprint depeer?

If this is at the root cause of the problem and I think it could be if the
time lines match when the VOIP problems started, then it would fall under
the category of why a routine roll out of hosted PBX / VOIP is a bad idea.
It would help me point the customer towards a more secure solution of a SIP
Trunk with transit specifically purchased from the VOIP provider to the
cable head end where the CMTS resides.



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Between 13:07:00 and 18:08 EDT on Oct 30 2008.

(Note the EDT, not EST.)

That does not sound like it is consistent with your problem.