RE: Spring time fiber cuts (was Re: fiber cut 19 May/PM -> 20 May/AM) (fwd)

..and you can deploy SONET without a protect.

-and telcos usually do. but they almost always tell you it's protected.
-force them to test, or pull one side yourself. and repeat the test every


And if you find it is on a fiber mux-- DDM 1000, good luck..
a few years ago I spent at least 20-30 hours trouble shooting
4 t-1's to customers on a "redundant mux" going to
an older but large business park.
They seem to all drop within 5 minutes of each other.
Bell claimed it to be us.
long story short-- the protect was broken and we found out it had been so for
months. all the data circuits (22 of em) seemed to experience
4-5 seconds are strangness daily... and the 1 voice customer on that OC-3
went to POTS because of the problems.....

Moral of the story--
  Having a SONET ring, a protect, and all manner of things, may not really
help.... Unless it really and truly does work....