Re: Spamhaus flags any IP announced by our ASN as a criminal network

I do not believe ASN sharing is illegal or prohibited, it’s not prohibited in LACNIC and in APNIC policy I also could not find anything about ASN sharing, only

APNIC policy states:
“2.3. Autonomous System (AS)
An Autonomous System (AS) is a connected group of one or more IP prefixes run by one or more network operators under a single and clearly defined routing policy.
2.3.1. Autonomous System Number (ASN)
An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique two- or four-byte number associated with an AS. The ASN is used as an identifier to allow the AS to exchange dynamic routing information with other Autonomous Systems.”

Nothing prohibiting ASN sharing and 2.3 specifically states “run by one or more network operators… single routing policy”


RIPE NCC Requirements: End User Assignment Agreement states:

“End User may not sub-assign resources to third parties.”

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Well that’s for end users. The company in question seems to be a Telecom operator.
The RIPE model is a very strange and confusing one, where ISPs basically become LIRs and they themselves assign ASNs and IPs, and there are 23000 LIRs in ARIN. Basically any ISP , webhosting company, datacenter or even a trading company can become a LIR.

It’s a very strange model which had just cost me 15 minutes of my time to just dig into and get some basic understanding of it. I would not put my hand in the fire that the OP is a LIR or not, but they are an ISP so I would assume they are LIR and as such can reassign the IPs,a nd if they are not LIR they can become one.

Anyway many of IP renting companies such as IPXO are RIPE-based, and those who are ARIN or APNIC based also have subnets from RIPE region. If RIPE was against subletting, the whole market would not exist with RIPE subnets.


Firstly, it’s worth noting that AS47158 was registered to ORG-IL649-RIPE, which was not a LIR.

Additionally, LIRs do not assign ASNs to end users whereas RIPE does. NIR in certain regions is another story.

End user may enter into a sponsorship agreement with LIR to receive ASN assignment, still directly from NCC.

It’s important to note that ASNs and IP resources have quite different assignment policies, so the involvement of IP brokers is not relevant in this particular case.