RE: Spam (un)blocking

"Better" != "good." In past experience,

- Since the Abuse POC was "abuse@" instead of "Lee.Howard@" it wasn't
- Because "abuse@" went to a 24x7 team, with an auto-responder, and
(on advice of counsel and for scalability reasons) we did not reply
to every complaint with a description of the action taken, it was
assumed no action was taken.

There's no pleasing some people, and it's a shame that not everyone
can take the time to understand what filtering policies they're



As long as the action does get taken you can reply to it .. nobody
says you have to reply personally to everything

Boilerplates and perl scripts exist for a particular reason, and
people demanding that you tell them in great detail how you
eviscerated your spamming customer, and then spread sackcloth and
ashes on your head and humbly begged the antispam community for pardon
[yes, seen at least some like this] are the reason