re: [SPAM-Low] Re: (OT) Firearms Was: UN declares Internet access a "human right"

I've got a 4 inch Springfield XD service model in .45ACP, I actually prefer
the .40 round. Its a bit better at inducing Hydrostatic shock just because
of its velocity:energy ratio.
The handgun just to get me to the bigger guns :smiley:

-Nick Olsen

Hi All :

How is this an operational related discussion ?

Perhaps it can be taken to more appropriate forum.


Don't tell me you didn't see the name of the list when you subscribed:

Naturally, All Nuts Over Guns



I agree. I am a gun owner (Glock model 19, Remington semi-auto 12 ga., ...)
and staunch supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, but this is not the place to
have this discussion. To some, it will be spam messages, and to others,
whose opinions should be respected, this discussion will be very irritating
and offensive. This is one of many political issues upon which very smart,
well informed people can disagree vehemently.