RE: source filtering

GTE and ATT both filter via access lists on the customers CPE routers IF
they provide the routers to the customer

It'd be nice if this information came from one of the entities
named above. Here's a refinement for our part.

GTE does not impose mandatory source address filtering via
access-lists on customers' CPE routers. However, we have recently
implemented Cisco's "ip verify unicast reverse-path".

Tony Tauber
GTE Network Engineering

I think perhaps we have an acronym collision here. I read Scott's
comment to mean "Customer Premises Equipment", since that was the only
parsing that didn't introduce a conflict.

However, I read Tony's reply as "Customer Provided Equipment", since
that's my usual parsing of that acronym.

In this case, it makes quite a difference. Clarification?

Better: why not, Tony?

-- jra

My meaning, and the one in common use around GTE Internetworking,
is "Customer Premises Equipment" which can be supplied by us or
the customer. The phrase "customers' CPE" above, would probably
have been a tad clearer as just "CPE", especially since most
CPE that we manage are in fact supplied and owned by us. Many
customers choose to supply and manage their own CPE which means
filtering or lack thereof is up to them.