RE: SONET Interconnect (was RE: MCI)

A worldwide fabric of IP-over-SONET and IP-over-bent-coathangers and

  >tin-cups-and-string is _going_ to occur, and soon.

  >A worldwide fabric of end-to-end ATM may or may not occur, depending
on the
  >PR capabilities of the folks who think it's the right way to go.

The reality here is that today there is a wide deployment of SONET and
it is accelerating.
A year ago, ATM was the hottest "new" technology and everyone was
rushing to integrate
it into their products. Since ATM assumes a high speed, reliable
transport network, SONET
is the best choice. Thus began a movement by SONET equipment vendors to
merge the ATM
switch functions with the already available SONET mux. Of course, the
growth of the Internet
has changed all that and IP has emerged as a end-to-end protocol that is
here today with fairly
ubiquitous deployment. I suspect you will see the emergence of a
IP/SONET mux this year.

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