Thanks to Everyone,
The answers were excellent :slight_smile:

I have gone through the mib definition file, and as Anne said in her
response, the information I was after is not stored in the mib, I was
looking to be able to get the total number of routes from a given Peer from
the Mib, in place of the 'show ip bgp sum' command, looks like I will be
stuck with that till a new object is added to the Mib.

STill now that I have the information, I will be able to do some other
things using the mib which should be able to give me a lot more information.

Thanks Everyone.

Adam Spann.

Please ask your vendors to implement the
bgp mib v2 draft.. or at least the received routes info.

  They already display it in their various CLIs. (juniper+cisco for

  They have the number available. it should be easy to reveal these
in snmp for reliable accurate polling.

  - Jared


I suppose there is vendor watching this thread. I also propose adding
current BGP table
version number into the BGP-MIB, because checking this number at regular
time will
give you an idea of your router bgp stability, without this MIB, I have to
use script to
parse router output (as mentioned in another post related to routing table


Yu Ning