RE: Shutdown of lists on May 30th at 12:01 AM

@ At 10:22 AM 5/29/97 -0700, Dave Crocker wrote:
@ >* Having NSI take an antagonistic role is hardly noteworthy, given that
@ >they are desperately trying to preserve their windfall revenue stream.
@ So rather to than try to fix that or thaw out the $20 million dollar
@ "Internet Intellectual Infastructure Fund", you want to hand over
@ registration to a small number of large companies who may or may
@ not have anything previously to do with DNS ?
@ It looks to me like you're saying "windfall is bad. Unless it's
@ ours, then it's ok".
@ Good lord, you had the man who can write chesks against that
@ account on your committee, and it looks to me like it would fund
@ domain regsitrations for two centuries. We'll still have to PAY
@ for domain names, and by all acounts, MORE.
@ This, in a word, stinks, Dave.
@ Shame.

Keep in mind that people at the National Science Foundation
are sometimes "planted" there from other places. They keep their
academic salaries and get paid by the NSF.[1]

The U.S. taxpayers pay into a common fund and then the NSF
people spend their time giving this money to the people that
they feel are the "right" people. In the Internet community, that
is always the same group of people.

Some people feel that this incestious situation is good for
the Internet. In my opinion, it helps to keep the Internet from
advancing. It is a socialistic, one-party system that does not
tolerate any outside views.

[1] @@@

"April 8, 1997

NSF's Directorate for Engineering announced today that it is conducting
a nationwide search...

Most Division Directors serve NSF for two to four years...

Appointment may be on a temporary or permanent basis in the Federal
Service or by temporary assignment under provisions of the Intergovernmental
Personnel Assignment (IPA) Act. The Federal salary for Division Directors
ranges from $103,897 to $123,100. IPA assignees from academe retain
their university salary and benefits, with cost sharing negotiated between
the Foundation and the home institution."