RE: September COOK Report focus on net governance & IANA authority issues


This should not be a surprise to anyone...

The obvious solution is for the U.S. Government to remove
their Root Name Servers from commercial use and to
discourage Universities and non-profit companies from
supplying these commercial services.

This action would leave the NSI server and the PSI server
from the Legacy Root Name Server Confederation.

Those severs could be combined with the existing eDNS
Root Name Servers to make a Root Name Server Confederation
with reasonable connectivity in North America. NSI could
change the file that ISPs download to obtain their hints.

The eDNS Root Name Server owners/operators and the
people on the NANOG list might want to discuss this
possible scenario. In light of the recent DNS disasters,
it is good to do more advanced planning and of course
to keep fixing the DNS software.