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Subject: Sensible geographical addressing [Was: 16 vs 32 bit
ASNs yadda,

> This is broken by design. What would have happend if this
> had be done before the fiber glut in the late 90's? As far
> as I am aware a couple of new fiber routes have been build
> and a few more cities have become nodes.

I am not suggesting time machines. I am proposing that
this be done now, after the fiber glut has largely been
built out and when we are in a much better position to
understand how the global network will evolve. That's
why I suggest that the planning for the aggregation
hierarchy should be done in the regions. They know
more about the topology of their region and the
pressures (economic, political, social) that will
drive the evolution of the network in their region.

Fiber routes have very little to do with evolution of
the Internet. Capacity is key, and underlying markets
drive where the glass is. Internet service is bottom

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Technically speaking, I don't care about where people go or
where containers go. It's the fiber routes that I care about
and these usually lead to interconnect points or exchanges
in the major cities. I worked for GTS at the time they

All fiber must meet somewhere. It's the nature of the beast.
Fiber is not dependant upon exchanges or meet me rooms, the
meet-me's and exchanges are dependant upon it.


were building Flag Atlantic. Even though we knew that the
cables landed at Crab Meadow and Long Beach, we still
referred to that end as the New York end because we
were only planning to connect customers to the link
in the city of New York. On a trans-oceanic hop it
doesn't make a lot of difference if the traffic lands
in a Sprint Pop and then has to go crosstown to
MCI's PoP before being routed to its destination in
Rochester. Why do the Europeans need to see the
topology of New York State in order to efficiently
route traffic?

So people don't build PVC's from NYC to LAX and
call it one hop?