Re: Rogers Outage: What do we Know After Two Months?

I did a ctrl-f for “Shaw” in that article and there’s zero mention of it.

I realize that the Internet Society is meant to remain neutral and not comment subjectively on matters of market competition and conglomeration of telecoms.

It’s very concerning to me that the Rogers/Shaw acquisition-merger will likely be allowed to proceed, even further reducing competition, and increasing centralization (the opposite of the decentralization mentioned in the article). From the point of view of a Canadian who works primarily for US-based ISPs these days, at least in the US there’s seven or eight gargantuan multi-billion-dollar sized last mile cable operators. In many parts of Canada it’s just Rogers or Shaw. It’s not a good situation at all for the consumer.

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It was mentioned:

It shouldn’t take a parliamentary inquiry or pointed attention from Canada’s telecoms regulator, or the fear of having its corporate merger with another enormous IP network backbone blocked, to bring those technical lessons into the light.

But not by name.