RE: rfc1918 ignorant

Uhhh...PMTU-d can break as routers will send back icmp cant-frag
packets from those link addresses and rpf, filtering, etc will
bring tcp connections to a standstill.

Don't filter rfc1918? umm good luck convincing the rest of the
net to eliminiate their filters. The basic premise of building
public networks is that you have to work around other peoples
policies. If it's corporate nets, then sure you can control it
all, but not here.

Though the PMTU-d point is arguable (what are your internal links doing
crummy MTU, for example).


Good point on the PMTU, you're correct and I wasn't thinking about that
(though generally that would have come from the inside router, unless one
of those routers was where the MTU limitation was). Engineered *correctly
*I don't see an issue.

I never implied that people should remove filters for 1918, that's silly.