re: rfc1918 ignorant

I agree... The only problem is if you filter all inbound RFC 1918 and inadvertently block ICMP messages from their routers on rfc1918 space. That could potentially cause issues with network connectivity related to MTU, etc...

Is this really an issue? So long as they're not advertising the space I
see no issue with routing traffic through a 10. network as transit. If
you have no reason to reach their router directly (and after Cisco's last
exploit, I'd think no one would want anyone to reach their router directly
:slight_smile: ), what's the harm done?

RFC1918 merely states that it shouldn't be routed on the global internet,
not that it can't be used for transit space.


Is there a site to "report" networks/isps that still leak rfc1918 space?
By leaking I not only mean "don't filter", but actually _use_ in their

If someone is keeping a list, feel free to add All
traceroutes to servers housed there, pass by

traceroute to

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