RE: RFC1918 addresses to permit in for VPN?

Whoa... How much to get you and Chance Whaley in a caged death match? We
can call it "Rumble in the Colo", sell tickets and stream it over the
'net. Just give me 20% of the cut, deal?

Just bring the cameras when/if they ever try to breach security at our
facility. If the camera-person can make it out of the facility with
footage, air it anywhere you like.

If you'd like further practice (perhaps for training an elite squad of
router protecting commandos), you might want to check out the map of 8100
Boone Blvd for Unreal Tournament... It wouldn't be good if a GSR got
caught in the crossfire while you were trying to cap the 'foo.

I'm all for Gun Control.

Gun Control = Hitting your intended target.