RE: Revealed: The Internet's well known BGP behavior

First, thank you all for the usually intelligent/enlightening
discussion. My first post to this list and apologies in advance if
discussion of end point (customer) networks is off-topic:

I haven't seen the presentation that some of you have referred to. If
someone can provide a link that would be helpful. What is the
as-prepend piece of the puzzle? Insert AS numbers of ISPs in the path
from hijacker to intended recipient so snooped data doesn't boomerang
back to the hijacker (exploit BGP loop detection mechanism)?
Theoretically, can one hijack both sender and receiver space to get
inline on the whole conversation?

And maybe the more relevant question: Can the customer do anything?
What would my ISPs tell me if I asked them to take measures (magic
ones?) to mitigate my exposure?

Oleg Bogdanov
Morgan Stanley | Technology
1 Pierrepont Plaza, 12th Floor | Brooklyn, NY 11201