RE: Request for advice: tools

From: Ben Browning []
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 10:43 AM

I am looking to implement a few tools to make my life
easier. I can't seem
to find any good ones pre-written although I know they must
exist, so I am
toying with writing my own. I would love it if any of you
would have any
info or handy hyperlinks to help me find tools to perform
the following

-A DNS zone file editor. It must be CGI, allow for forward
and reverse
entries, and able to handle odd mappings (IE IN MX 32, etc).

It let's you edit the raw zone files.

-A Cisco config builder. Preferably in CGI, but command line
would be
acceptable as well. Basically something that allows me to
make changes in
routers and either mirror them on a lot of other routers, as well as
displaying stats and other things in a
pointy-haired-boss-friendly manner.

Much easier if you use Webmin as a platform and make a Webmin module for
this. There is a SDK for Webmin. This is an opportunity to give back to the

-Any kind of scripts designed with the abuse administrator
in mind- IE log
parsers, Code Red automailers/procmail scripts, etc etc.

Lots of pre-built options here, with sources that you can modify.

All of these tools would be preferred in a GNU or freeware
form, but I am
interested in all valid options.

It's now on SourceForge.