RE: Regarding global BGP community values

Aleks Suhonen wrote:

Here is a sketch of the new well-known communities I have come
up with:



n=0 Never announce to AS <arg>.


Not a bad idea but how would you strip out the "arg" portion of the
community value for use in your route maps (on a cisco that is)? Is this
currently possible, or are you proposing that vendors (who can't already do
this) upgrade their implementation in newer code versions?

Robin Hayden

To go forward, I'd like to say here that the new draft are prepared now
concerning the global communities.

But the approach used was quite other. Such recommendations are useful
only if a lot of ISP support it. And I prefer to start from 1 - 2 very
simple, intuitively clean, and safe communities, and (may be) reserver
some community numbers for the future use in the same purposes.

The proposals made here was on the right way, but was a very, very complex
and discussional by the form, and I prefer (from ISP point of view) to
see 2 standard community NOW to having 20 standard communities in the few

Remember - any extra control can violate existing policies, and if some
proposals can't be realized withouth such violation, they have not a
chance to became global ones.

Alex. /hope this short proposals will be published here in a few days/