RE: Real-Time Mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks Now Available With AT&T

Woulda, shoulda. If it is so simple, how come not everyone does it?

Patrick W.Gilmore

Why don't people patch their windows boxes, or secure old sendmail installations? Why do people flap announcements, or accept bogons? Why do people jay walk, or cheat on their taxes? Why do people do anything else they should not do?

'Cause people are lazy and stupid. DUH.

Speaking of flapping, where's ARIN? Seems they've been flapping so bad
this morning all our transit providers have dampened them out of

The original quote, from the song title, is "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"
And that sums it up MUCH better ...

Hmm - please try to patch windows box, having 19200bps dialin connection and
living in a small town. It's almost impossible..

Q. is - why this !@#$ MS open ports for listening on _CLIENT_ machines (when
no one asked them about it),
and why they created the world of monocultural OS systems. This is the roots
for this problem. Patching is just a _patching_.

People are not lazy - it is just IMPOSSIBLE to patch millions of this

PS. Sendmail... who told _sendmail_?! Did you tried to patch sendmail, when
it was installed from unknown sources and
configured by unknown m4 file, and sources was lost when engineer was fired
2 years ago? You are welcome to try, I can find such system for you.

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:26:27 -0700
From: Michel Py

Woulda, shoulda. If it is so simple, how come not everyone
does it?

It's modern layered security: "We don't have to worry about that
here. Another layer will take care of it."