RE: Re: Secure Cabinets


I am looking for a cabinet that I can install in my own server room to
protect my machines from prying fingers and other illegal access.


cabinet needs to have vault like qualities and not just be some glass


metal thrown together. Maybe something like two key opening



I'd suggest looking at Metal-Tech Partners, we've had pretty good
experiences with their products. You will probably be interested in
their all metal seismic line of cabinets. There is a pretty wide
assortment of industrial grade steel doors that surpass the strength of
cabinets like Chatsworth. They also offer dual locking mechanisms that
can consist of a center combination lock, and top and bottom key-based
locks. We have had them customized in the past to alternate the top and
bottom key-base locks (by default, one key is necessary to open both
locks). A side from building a makeshift colo in an abandoned missile
silo, it should provide both a comfortable level of physical security.
I can not for the life of me remember what their URL is.