So, that would be a another conduit sitting in the same right of way, and this is supposed to make it "completely independent". Last time I checked a backhoe treated all conduits the same. Not trying to shoot the messanger jsut trying to make a point.

Points of entry is different than the number of pipes. The biggest single problem in the security of these networks is physical diversity, at least in my biased point of view. There are six different sets of right of ways in Manhattan and forty something fiber providers, but no one seems to fess up when they are not offering redundancy but just another pipe in the same conduit. Do the math and you see the problem. It is not just a SFTI problem but a generic problem. Just worrisome that it appears that SFTI does not see it as a problem, or worse view at as a problem they have solved by laying new pipe in the same conduits.

The problem rears it head in several examples where effeciency and cost savings trumps true diversity.