RE: Re: Digital Island sponsors DoS attempt

You said, "If I feel like using..(someone's) performance improving gizmo,

>it's my decision." The problem with this is, in the DI example, it is not
>your choice. I suppose if you're confortable with the idea of rogue
>companies trying to enhance internet traffic on their own, whether you agree
>with the methodology or not and giving you no choice, then that is your

Somehow I knew you would misinterpret what I said.

Allow me to help you out a bit. You completely missed this part:

And the IETF, IEEE, RFC-editor, NANOG, EFF, PTA, SPCA, or any other alphabet organization has nothing to say about it. (Assuming, of course, I am not violating standards, attacking people, etc.)


Unfortunately, it *MAY* be that DI is violating that "assuming, of course" part above.

As for "rogue companies trying enhance internet traffic on their own", well, we better make sure everyone has the same routers, same transit provider, same BGP config, same web server software, etc., etc. Certainly would not want someone to upgrade from a DS3 to an OC3 to "enhance internet traffic" from their site to me, or multi-home to make sure if one provider / line dies their site is still available. And forget about using load balancers, Content Distribution Networks, etc.

Marc, I have tried to be nice, but your replies just get more & more silly as time goes on. Please read the whole post & think before (if) you reply....