RE: Re: CalPOP contact? HTTP CONNECT scanning]


Thanks for your lengthy letter- it's just the kind of letter we need -
complete with specific cases so that we can go and investigate and
terminate any individual cases that might not be terminated yet.

Three days later...

The idea that CalPOP is in the spamming business is a joke,
we hate spam just as much as anyone else,

That indeed why you are listed in spamhouse.

among our clients is Interland, Boeing Airlines, lots of the
entertainment industry,,,,, -
ecommece companies like,

So you've got 7 domains which are not spamming. But you apparently
have a lot of clientelle that comes back and back causing you
to earn bucks with signup fees and terminating them "directly" (ahem)
when somebody complains in public.

Good service indeed, for spammers.

and we even have servers for anti-virus
clients like Panda Software and AVG, and tons of Game servers here... we
do not have 1,000 spamming servers - in fact we terminate anyone who is

You only got a couple, not 1000, spamming servers?
Every spamming server is one too much. Terminate them.

found to be spamming instantly as it is a violation of our terms of
service which is in the signed contract that every one of our customers has signed.

Which is nowhere to be found publicly, not even a public statement
about this, unless you want to record this as your "CalPOP AUP".

Because we have inexpensive bandwidth and servers we get all types of
stuff - our network pretty much mirrors the internet at large-
a little bit of everything, but because we have a set-up fee we
usually don't get as many spammers as some of the other "free set-up"

"We don't get as many spammers as some other..."

Aka you _DO_ get spammers. This is going in the right direction.
Admittance of your problems is better than denial.

cheap server companies. We turn people off for spamming all the time and

You turn them off and probably back on again because they signup
again, and only till you get a big public offense you suddenly
turn them off.

we keep thier set-up fee so we are
not the company to come to for spamming!

Indeed, you are in the perfect business of earning lots of money
from spammers by cashing in their spamming fees. works too. I was just offering an
alternative by given out as it seemed that
people were looking for additonal means
to contact us- we are open 24 hours so you can always call.
And our assigns tickets- that was a great
idea to have the abuse assign tickets too and we will set that up.

Ahem, so support and abuse are different and they don't work?

The client at has been terminated. So that's
a closed case- told you we were quick!

After three days of PUBLIC messages and you getting it via
some of your personal close friends who is in the same business :slight_smile:

We have the signed signatures of every customer agreeing to
our acceptable use policy which of course calls for zero tolerance
for spam which is why you don't find it online- we are so adament
about abuse that we make every customer fill out a contract
AND SIGN IT PERSONALLY agreeing to our anti-abuse contract and we
make them sign-it and fax it back before we will put them online.

If they sign it maybe you can earn MUCH MORE money ($$$ bling bling)
if you put in a clause that when they spam that they have to pay
you a fine for spamming. This will really keep those 'customers' away
and earn you even more money. Though all your setup revenues will
ofcourse go down, but you will get a better network and respect
from the rest of the internet and maybe then even real non-spamming

That's why you can't search google and find our policy.
However- since you suggested it, we will create an online
webpage just for that purpose - so that other people can see our
policy not just our customers.

Step in the right direction.

The idea that we don't work as vigorusly as anyone else is
simply false, if anything, we are one of the most proactive
fighters of spam in the industry.

Why where you in spamhouse again? is listed on the Spamhaus Block List (SBL)

Jul 26 2003 - 8:13hrs GMT

Daniel Licht
Open proxy spammer.

"Meet The Bullet-Proof Proxy Hijacking Licht Brothers - Daniel and Ernst"

"MORE: Licht Brothers Proxy Hijacking Team Really Gets Around!"

Very pro-active indeed. Very speedy *rofl*

We have just finished working with the FBI to catch an
alleged spam ring known as Pilot Holding.

Aha, you got forced to do track it down by law...
And was that company owned by yourself or was it some
other nice tax-evading contstruction like some other
person who was caught redhanded and denies everything.

Or where you talking about the fact that the FBI caught
up to you and you needed to "work" with them?

I don't think people realize how big our operation really is

We do, 1000 servers, you told that already.

Basically nobody cares how big your (spamming?) "operation"
really is, it spams through proxies. You should not do that
not with 1 box and not with a 1000.

- our building for example
has only 5 clients - XO, QUEST, ICG, CALPOP, and EQUINIX and
that's why it can appear like we are a small operation that is
spamming when in fact we are a big operation that gets a
few spammers on it now and then, like all big and fast
growing operations.

Now you are big again? Oh my, the contradictions.
Also that you are in the same housing facility as another
ISP doesn't relate to the fact that your abuse department
doesn't do a thing unless complaints go up in public.

<SNIP bottom quoted message>

I think you now know how everybody thinks about your "operation".
I also sincerely hope that you clean up your act and become
a respectable hoster that does _really_ work on abuse reports.

As for your ticket numbering system, you might want to
let it send updates to the complainants that the matter
has been sorted out and possibly the actions you took.


- --
"I am in the gutter now, but at least this gutter is mine" -- M.B. Former Spammer