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Actually we are experimenting with ATM, and have been for about 12 months now.
We have 5 sites throughout California inter-connected with ATM for distance
education projects and we are now expanding this trial to include IP traffic.
Three more sites will be added soon.

We are using NewBridge 36150 ATM switches with their JPEG video cards to
provide VCR-quality full motion two-way video for the Library Sciences Masters
Degree program between Northern and Southern California.

At CSU, Hayward there is a scanning electron microscope which broadcasts its
images through this network as well. The microscope can be controlled remotely
at the viewing site through IP access.

We recently added ATM/OC-3 processors to our cisco 7000 series routers to
provide IP access. SGI workstations and servers with ATM NIC cards are
interconnected to the cisco and NewBridge equipment through FORE switches at
some of the sites.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Dave Reese
Director, Networking & Computing Services
California State University

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Hm, been experimenting with ATM at CalState again, eh?


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