RE: Re[2]: Looking for advice on datacenter electrical/generator

Assuming the genset was running under load, how often would the oil
filter need to be changed? Are there any other issues that would need
to be addressed in a sustained power outage? As far as genset
maintenance that is.


i suggest you get that info from an engineer for the outfit that supplies
your generator. my familiarity with diesel maintenence is with
transportation applications, and i'm not even going to attempt to guess at
how to map milage intervals to the generator application (i bet locomotive
guidelines might be relevant, as modern diesel locomotives are really
generator sets anyway.)

if you do try and go with extended runs between oil changes, at intervals
take samples and have professional analysis done. this is standard practice
for large truck fleets and other transportation and industrial
applications. you can run a long time on the oil, but you need the analysis
to correctly recognize when the jig is up.