RE: ratios

Chris Parker wrote:

You can publicly denounce them on a forum like this, which has doubtful

It informs other networks of the actions taken by said carrier. Od

carrier. Other

networks may in turn change *their* business decisions based on that

Right! With the (mostly) unregulated nature of the internet as it stands
right now, sometimes this is the only recourse we have when a provider does
something stupid. Hopefully it'll cause said provider to wake up and smell
the roses, but with C&W I doubt it. They're too egotistical to cave in to
public pressure.

Additionally, punishing folks for enforcing rational peering
requirements is counterproductive.

What's so rational about asking for 5000 routes?

Rational is a pretty subjective concept. :slight_smile: Overly restrictive
covenants wrt housing have been struck down in the past. One could
make an analogy to overly restrive peering agreements if one wanted
to go down that particular rat hole...

I actually hope it happens, real soon.

I guess the best thing you can do is not take peering matters personally,
and to remember that peering decisions are business decisions, and they by
personalizing them, it creates unnecessary animosity.

How can I not take it personally when this person's business decision
directly and immediately affected mine? Not to mention my quality of life,
which is still recovering.


Your quality of life is affected by being turned down for peering how?