Do you think it's _NEW_ for me?

I'v want just to highlight this point... Here in Russia .ru sub-root name
servers just get funds from the *.ru fee's; and it's wonderful (not for me but
in principle) why . owners don't see at least 50% of the *. fee money.

And no doubt .com fee should not be 50$/year (for the NETSOL company which MUST
pay this fee).

// Sorry, I'v add 'nanog' to this post because it's really the question Internet
// society should ask now, when a lot of different fee's was introduced. I don't
// like to see the ruins of Internet in a few next years... just because some
// landlords catched the services which are mandatory for the Internet.

I think that we are on the same page here. I too am worried about the future
of the Internet. I get real nervous about volunteers (not to talk bad about
them, but to cheer them) not being paid for critical services. This means
that they can stop volunteering at any time and no one can hold them to SLA
standards. IMHO, this is a scarey thing. The Internet is sufficiently
profitable that these services should now be paid for. It is also a point
that I made in /ICANN/DNSO/WG-C
(see. <>).

We are now sufficiently far from NANOG topic that I'll crawl back into my
hole now... before the nukes arrive.<grin>