RE: quick question?

Kyle D. Smith wrote:

> I have a customer who has a block of 62 ip addresses
> ( -> and one for network/brodcast).
> They are current expanding their network, and need around 30 more ip
> addresses. I went ahead and allocated them the following IP address
> pool ( -> with network/brodcast address.)
> I attempted to use the new address on a Apple Macintosh (PowerMac
> 6500/75) and it erturned an error message saying that the router was
> not on the subnet, and that it could not use the new address.

What kind of router is your customer using? Cisco routers allow you
to define "secondary" IP addresses in addition to the primary IP
address for an interface. You could use this feature to configure
your router to have two logical subnets sharing your single physical

Then on the Mac you can configure the Open Transport TCP/IP control
panel to use either the primary or secondary router IP address for the
"router address" field - depending on whether the Mac's IP address
is in the subnet of the primary or secondary router IP address.