RE: Quick circuit question.

You might find what you're looking for at

They're the result of the TTC/ WWG merger.


: On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Drew Weaver wrote:
: : We have 1 DS-3, that if we get close to 45Mbps IN/OUT the other
: : direction will be completely unusable. We have another DS3, that we have
: : seen doing 45Mbps IN, and 15Mbps Out at the same time. This is going to
: : sound dumb, but is duplex a consideration with lines of these types? I
: : thought you could do either 45Mbps in, 45Mbps out, or a mix of both, not
: : 45Mbps In, and 45Mbps out at the same time (90mbps)..
: :
: : I couldn't find this exact info on the net anywhere.
: Anyone happen to know of where TTC's online library went a few years ago
: after they merged with someone? (I've forgotten whom) There was a great
: deal on T1s, T3s, etc. I have hard copies at home, but it'd sure be nice to
: get some online copies, if they still exist.