RE: Question concerning authoritative bodies.

See Comments In-line below..

So I'm curious what people think. We have semi centralized
various things in
the past such as IP assignments and our beloved DNS root
servers. Would it
not also make sense to handle common security checks in a
similar manner? In
creating an authority to handle this, we cut back on the

I would question the validity of this scan..
How easy would it be to put an ACL entry to block the Scan source?

amount of noise
issued. I bring this up because the noise is getting louder.

This is almost the cost of being a business...

More and more
networks are issuing their own relay and proxy checks. At
this rate, in a
few years, we'll see more damage done to server resources by
scanners than
we do from spam and those who would exploit such vulnerabilities.

Why not establish a system like, where companies
could reference the database and submit their data.
Maybe get the backbones to sponsor, or Dept of Homeland Security.
It needs to be global, and probrably should be an IETF / RIR / IANA
thought process...