RE: Question about experiences with fiber installs in a MAN appli cation

Hi Dan-
Here are some of the issues we have encountered, not all will apply, and
I'll probably miss a few.

- "Make ready work" for poles, involves moving all existing utilities
around to meet minimum clearances between each. This includes everything
from the neutral wire down, including fire alarm, cable, telephone, and any
other private stuff already on the pole. Sometimes requires the pole to be
replaced if it's too short and the clearances can't be met.
- Attachment fees to both the local telco and or power company. Poles may be
jointly owned or individually owned, so this may vary per pole.
- Obviously the cost of the fiber and innerduct, including splicing and
- Municapal approval (and possibly fees)
- State approval if crossing a state highway.
- Trenching and or horizontal boring costs
- Entrance facilities (conduit & costs) to each bldg. if you don't have
extra duct work in place
- Environmental issues (which may the worst to deal with)
- TIME - Although these intallations can go quickly, 6-12 mos or longer
isn't unheard of either.
- Ongoing maintenance costs: be prepared to fix, or relocate etc. due to
drunk drivers, road construction, etc...

Feel free to contact me off list if you'd like to discuss further.

Keith Wallace
Director, Telecommunications
PC Connection Services
kwallace@pcconnection dot com

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