RE: QOS or more bandwidth

How is TE part of QoS? Maybe we are talking a different type of TE. To me, TE is the part that the traffic takes, not really what queue it sits in to transmit.

I could see a arguement for QoS being part of TE, but... (Assuming that you TE your netword so there is no conjestion.)

TE isn't just for congestion avoidance/mitigation. It's also
for choosing the best path, based on the costs and
characteristics of the traffic, as well as the load on the

So delay-intolerant (voice, video) traffic gets preference
on the lowest latency path, and pushes delay-tolerant flows
to alternate higher-latency (possibly longer) unused paths.
MPLS constraint-based routing allows this, as does ATM. PBR
w/ IP routing would be extremely complicated to do this.

Same rules can be applied to homogeneous traffic, where I
can manage at a finer granularity than
per-desination-CIDR-block. I can move traffic around my
network internally as well as to peers, to get full
utilization out of my network without introducing

This presumes a network with multiple paths to a given
destination, with approximately equal performance and cost.