RE: QoS/CoS interest (again) & Fiber Cut ....

Telescan, Inc. Wants the best access money can buy(within reason). We
want to get the lowest loss connection to our customers as possible. We
will shortly be triple homed with Sprint, MCI & UUnet by T1s. If I
were convinced that I could find a better way to move data to and from
our customers I would be moving to use those solutions. What most of
the Internet access providers don't seem to realize is that we(corporate
America) all still have lots of private lines for performance, security
and Reliability. We are currently spending as much on private lines as
on Internet access. Security is well on the way to being solved.
Performance and Reliability are paramount. If we got better
performance from the Internet we could move more applications and
services to the net. This would mean bigger sales for our access

A note about reliability:

A few days ago....

Just wanted to let everyone know:

MCI/Sprint/WorldCom are experiencing a fiber-cut between Detroit MI,

and Wayne


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What happen to SONIT redundancy ???
World class carriers without world class reliability.
Maybe my choices have been poor.