RE: QoS/CoS in the real world?

I realise this is a US-centric list, however, a significant number of
providers in Europe have deployed Diffserv as a means of supporting (and
selling) differential SLAs. Of these, some have deployed Diffsev at the
edge and some both the edge and core. See Clarence Filsfils presentation at
NANOG 25 for a description of typical core deployments.

> 2. Hype aside, to what extent do customers actually want this

Surely end customers want a service with SLAs that will support their
applications, and at low cost? It then becomes a provider cost
consideration as to whether these SLA assurances can most competitively
satisfied with mechanisms such as Diffserv or without.

I have to say that the majority of users barely understand how their outlook
client works let alone the difference between applications. I'm starting to
think theres no demand for these services other than that which the hype says is

THis is in line with what people said about using qos behind the scenes but
customers dont know.. kind of what I thought to begin with