RE: [Q] BGP filtering policies

With enough badgering most providers will accept a /24 announcement of PA

Exodus is the an exception, using their IP space is nightmarish.

Some folks phrase it the way you did. Others phrase it that Exodus
has stringent routing policies that prevent customers from doing
silly things with Exodus IP space rather than obtaining their own PI
space. Such silly things are detrimental to the stability of one's
backbone. Permitting such silly things would be nightmarish.


Once upon a time, AboveNet did not permit anyone to announce their IP
space under any condition. I wonder if this is still the case.

It is not. Customers may announce MFN-assigned space to other
upstreams. Obviously there are no guarantees that other providers
will listen to these more-specific advertisements.


nor that AboveNet would listen to the space from other providers.