RE: PSINet and C&W peering

As the former Manager of Peering at internetMCI/C&W, I find this dispute
with PSI very interesting.

As mentioned in Mitchell Levinn's posting from yesterday:

"C&W and PSINet upgraded circuits used for peering between the two networks
earlier this year. C&W's recent action seems inconsistent with the strategy
that led to these upgrades."

This is the heart of the problem. When I left C&W in 2/00, I had created a
plan to upgrade all of C&W's current peering from mostly DS3's to OC3's and
OC12's and also increase the density of that peering. For example, if we
were using 4 cities say, SF, Chicago, DC, NY, we would then add in Seattle,
LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and so on. Other parts of that plan included
upgrading connection to the MAE's, AADS and installing peering routers at
both the PAIX and Equinix facilities. When I walked out of the door, this
plan was being executed.

Somewhere down the line, it was derailed.

In my opinion, at every company there are people with visions, once they
leave even though it may take some time, that vision becomes clouded or it
may even leave with that visionary.