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  I know as we grow and expand into the mesh of the Internet (can I
still call it a mesh?) I will be dropping out PSINet connections
(both hosting and access - sorry engineers, but your management is a
bunch of blockheads) and not buying squat from those equally stupid
people at C&W.

  I am a huge fan of the PSINet engineering staff, I have friends in
the NYC hosting center, and all through their guys keep
what's left of the company going, you should be proud. I think
PSINet's 'ego problem' is coming back to hurt them...but their
management is STILl blind to the fact that you can't win (especially
when your ship is taking water fast) by firing rounds at the arriving, your current partners/friends in the industry.

  As far as C&W goes...if I was a customer of theirs I'd be on the
phone right now asking about my credit for network downtime. This
HAS to count as an SLA violation - if nothing else, milk 'em for
money for being stupid.

  Screw it...I'm putting the rest of the new circuits I'm ordering
through with Savvis. They've not disappointed me yet...delivering a
DS-3 ,and a T-1 AHEAD, that's right, AHEAD of schedule, and being
proactive...and having an IQ over 30 when answering a help line.

  Does anyone, especially those of you who are 'Internet Engineers' (I
can't claim that), have any thoughts on the changing definition of a
Tier-1 ISP? I mean, as far as I know, it meant that to be a Tier-1
ISP 'traffic accross the 'net would touch your network at least once
in some point' do other companies now get away with that?

  ..blah...sorry, I got off on kind of a rant there.....


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