RE: Proper authentication model

There may be common points of failure like a carrier hotel, but I
haven't been told I couldn't see loop or longhaul maps when planning
a circuit, except when buying from other than a carrier[1] or tier2.
Primary and protect should be geographically seperated and if
your carrier isn't buying access to BOTH conduits in your entrance
facility, you should ask why. I just don't usually see this problem
and I've *never* not been able to get into a facility remotely by
the diversified frame M/S method.

If we're talking semantics, order type 2 ds0s.

[1] I'm talking RBOC tier1 for the most part. I would consider tier 1
    to be SBC, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc. Facilities based.


I've seen two diverse sides of a SONET ring die due to fiber cuts
within minutes of each other on different sides of a city. A local
tech (from our company) drove to each and actually snapped a photo of
each site.

And our facilities and the ring were truly physically diverse, which
was the kicker. And yes it took down our LEC and IXC access to the