RE: Problems with private justice (was Re: Spyware becomes increasingly malicious)

I just realized that I incorrectly quoted William Warren instead of
Brian Battle in my previous post. Sorry guys, cut/paste casualty.

Sean Donelan wrote:
Could this be a Joe job by someone who doesn't like the
owners of Cool Web Search? The owners of the Cool Web
Search company deny they are the creators nor affiliated
with the creaters of the CWS trojans. Maybe they are
lying. Maybe other Joe jobs have lied too.

Good points.

I don't have all the facts. Maybe someone else does.

Yep, the guys that write the Trojans :smiley:

As Brian says:

Brian Battle wrote:
The authors of these coolwebsearch variants are
extremely intelligent programmers with far more
understanding of the bowels of the windows
platform than your average script kiddies.

The problem I have is not with understanding of the bowels, but with the
ability to produce bowel movements.


LOL..not a problem..:slight_smile:

Michel Py wrote: